German Pen Pals Made Easy
A fun way to write German and make a new friend

German Pen Pals Made Easy contains 12 fill-in-the-gap letters so even pupils just beginning to learn German can have the satisfaction of being able to communicate in German

The letters focus on the following language areas:
  • introducing oneself
  • describing one's schoolday
  • asking about the other
  • describing one's hometown
  • describing one's family
  • talking about clothes
  • describing one's hobbies
  • describing one's home
  • describing one's school
  • describing Christmas
  • discussing preferences for eating and drinking
  • Discussing the summer holidays
For the pupil, German Pen Pals Made Easy:
  • is easy to follow
  • is realistic. The pupil reaslizes that German can be used for real-life communication and not just in the classroom
  • instills confidence. They can communicate effectively at a basic level
  • helps to foster positive attitudes towards foreign language learning
  • facilitates intercultural understanding. The pupil can learn about German culture though a German peer
  • And, of course, it's fun and a wonderful way to make a new friend!
Copy of "Contents" and "Introduction" and "Tips for the teacher/pupil" pages
Useful information to help you find a "partner" school for correspondence
Copy of first unit - "Ich stelle mich vor!"
Familiarise yourself with the information in the "Zusätzliche Vokabeln" section (see below) then just fill in the blanks!
Everything you need to know is here including some useful background grammar points to note