Primary French
6 traditional stories in an interactive format for introducing French to children in Primary School

Interactive Storybook (CD-Rom)
Teacher Book
Value Pack (both)
Chrystelle Boudin & Valérie Turner
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(incl. £9.90 VAT)
(incl. £9.90 VAT)
Primary French is an enjoyable way of introducing 7-9 year olds to French. The focus is very much on developing speaking and listening skills and helping children to discover the joy of learning a foreign language.

It comprises an interactive CD-Rom for use on an electronic whiteboard (or for small groups on a PC or laptop) and a Teacher Book containing activities and copymasters. Installation and operation of the CD-Rom are very straightforward.

There are no written transcripts of the stories in the Teacher Book. It is recommended that the Teacher Book is only bought to accompany the CD-Rom
The CD-Rom contains:
  • an interactive version of six stories which can be viewed in either a full-text format (with only text) or a rebus format where key words appear as images. The stories range between 14 and 33 pages in length with each page containing about 20 words. The stories are read by native French speakers in a clear and engaging way. The stories are:

    * Le Ciel Nous Tombe Sur La Tête (Chicken Licken)
    * Boucles d'Or et les Trois Ours (Goldilocks and the Three Bears)
    * Les Trois Petits Cochons (The Three Little Pigs)
    * Le Vilain Petit Canard (The Ugly Duckling)
    * Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood)
    * Le Prince-Grenouille (The Frog Prince)

  • printable resources including 27 images from the 6 stories plus 93 flashcard images, both of which are in full-colour and can be printed off and laminated.
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  • Sounds and pronunciation
plus for each of the 6 stories:

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