J'aime Parler
Inspirational ideas for introducing French to young children

Book & 2 CD set
Ann May
{J'aime Parler}
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J'aime Parler is an enjoyable way of introducing 5-7 year olds to French. The focus is very much on developing speaking and listening skills and helping children to discover the joy of learning a foreign language.
37 photocopiable sheets:
The photocopiable sheets support the lessons and can be made into puppets or masks, flashcards or used simply as colouring-in sheets.
Lesson plans:
The lesson plans introduce the children to simple vocabulary with lots of opportunities for role-play, songs and other activities.
The accompanying CDs:
The accompanying CDs contain stories, one for each lesson, about Marvin, a young English kitten who unexpectedly finds himself in France. Lulu, a French cat, befriends him. She helps him to learn to speak French and introduces him to French culture. Children will love practising their French as they listen to Marvin and Lulu's adventures.

To finish the course there are recordings of 5 traditional songs, each with an instrumental version.
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Here are some web-quality extracts from the CDs. The recordings are of a story in 23 parts plus 5 songs, each with an instrumental version. The story is of the adventures of two cats, Marvin - an English cat - and Loulou, his French friend.

23 thematic units:
  • Bonjour - to greet different people
  • Ca va? - to ask and answer about how you are
  • Je m'appelle - to ask and say your name
  • C'est combien? - to count to 12
  • J'ai ...ans - to ask and say about your age
  • L'alphabet - to say the alphabet
  • C'est la France - to increase knowledge of France
  • Joyeux Noël - to celebrate Christmas festivities
  • Bonne année - to celebrate the New Year
  • Les jours de la semaine - the days of the week
  • Les mois - the months
  • Les nombres 13-31 - to count from 13 to 31
  • Bon anniversaire - to talk about your birthday
  • Qu'est-ce que c'est? - to get some new vocabulary
  • Tu as ...j'ai un - to use some new vocabulary
  • Mes frères, mes soeurs - to talk about a brother or sister
  • Il/elle s'appelle - to talk about your brother/sister
  • Frère Jacques - to sing the song Frère Jacques
  • Ma mère et mon père - to talk about your parents
  • J'habite à - to ask and say where you live
  • Où habites-tu? - to talk about where you live
  • Sur le pont d'Avignon - to sing the song "Sur le pont d'Avignon"
Transcripts of CDs

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