Hexagonie 2
A Scheme of Work for Teaching French in Primary Schools (Part 2 of 2-part scheme)

Book and audio CD
Maria Rice-Jones
(incl. £1.55 VAT on CD)
Hexagonie is an innovative way of introducing French at Key Stage 2. Part 2 follows on from Part 1 and is designed for use with pupils in their final two years of French. It provides comprehensive coverage of all the Oracy and Literacy Objectives of the KS2 Framework for Languages and many of those for Intercultural Understanding for Years 5 and 6.
  • Suitable for both non-specialist and specialist French teachers.

  • Language elements introduced in a logical, easy-to-understand way to that children quickly communicate with confidence.

  • Breaks language down into manageable chunks and presents them in a methodical manner enabling pupils to feel they can converse in French.

  • Brings the French language to life engaging pupils' imaginations and furthering their understanding of French language structures.

  • Develops effective learning strategies that can be applied to other languages and across the curriculum.
Hexagonie 2 components include:
Click below to see complete text, in pdf form, for all introductory sections - the Contents, "From the Author" etc - for Part 1 (not Part 2 for which it is not available). The contents are naturally different but it is included to given an idea of the style that is common to both Part 1 and Part 2.

The Teacher's Guide comprises the following elements. Please click on them for further, condensed information.
2. The audio CD
The audio CD contains dialogues, listening exercises and songs.
There are 7 songs (sung, with instrumental versions) including:.
  • "Jean Petit qui danse" (trad.)
  • "Au clair de la lune" (trad.)
  • "La Marseillaise (trad.)
  • "La Capucine" (trad.)
Each song is accompanied and is sung by native French speakers.

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