French Festivals and Traditions
Activities and Teaching Ideas for Primary Schools

French Festivals and Traditions helps children to better understand how French children lead their lives. Comparisons are regularly made with similar routines and traditions in England.There is an event for each month of the year with each event containing:
  • background information
  • key vocabulary
  • detailed lists of possible teaching activities
  • optional photocopiable sheets
Ideas range from making cards and reading/writing poems to playing games and cooking traditional recipes.

Analysis grids show where and how the Intercultural Strand of the Framework of Modern Languages is covered, both by objective and year group.

The final section provides detailed plans for organizing a French Day in your school - an ideal way to raise the profile of modern foreign languages and enthuse both staff and children.

The Learning Objectives covered include:
  • learning about the different languages spoken by children in the school
  • learning about ways of travelling to the country/countries
  • locating country/countries where the languages are spoken
  • looking at further aspects of their everyday lives
  • identifying social conventions at home and in other cultures
  • recognising similarities and differences between places
  • making direct or indirect contact with the country/countries where the languages is spoken
  • comparing symbols, objects or products which represent their own culture with those of another country
  • learning about festivals and celebrations in different cultures
  • comparing attitudes towards aspects of everyday life
  • knowing about some aspects of everyday life and compare them to their own
  • recognising and understanding some of the differences between people
  • comparing traditional stories
  • presenting information about an aspect of culture
Copy of "Contents" and "Introduction" and pages and other useful information
There is one chapter for each month of the year
You can see at a glance where the objectives are convered in the book
There are also suggestions to help with the learning of new vocabulary
Copy of second chapter - February (février)
Lots of amusing activities to reinforce the learning

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