English Lotto
A fun way to reinforce English vocabulary

English Lotto comprises attractive, easy-to-use, photocopiable loto boards which provide a stimulating and meaningful way to develop reading, listening and speaking skills when teaching popular topics such as numbers, food, animals and clothes.

The seven topics covered are:
  • numbers, 1 - 12
  • classroom objects
  • numbers, 1 - 60
  • clothes
  • animals
  • Christmas
  • food
It's easy to set up; no need for counters
It can be played individually, in pairs or small groups
There are lots of other useful suggestions for how to use the materials
Copy of "Contents" and "Introduction" and "How to play" pages
Copy of third game (of 7) - "Animals"
You can decide which team is going to win
Familiarise the children with the vocabulary and off you go!
You can decide whether to play with just images, just words or words and images together
There is a complete list of all vocabulary used in the games translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Welsh